​​​                                        (she/her) is a New York based, multi-hyphenate artist with  over 20 years of experience as a dancer and vocalist, a BFA in Musical Theatre with an emphasis in acting, and a lifelong passion for writing. Taylor has spent the last several years creating and performing in cabarets and variety shows that center her experiences as a southern queer woman with chronic illness. She also learned to play the guitar (after procrastinating since age 12), adopted the weirdest cat available at the animal shelter (because that's the one her wife wanted!), and received an ADHD diagnosis (which explains most of her childhood mishaps & why there are three sets of parenthesis in this sentence). You can find proof that I'm not a robot and sporadically posted performance updates on her *obligatory* instagram @taylorbeyer

Taylor Beyer

​​​​Taylor Beyer