"The bright eyed Beyer looks like angel, acts like an angel and even sings like an angel. It was lovely watching her in tender moments with Jimmy..."
- Nyderah Williams, BroadwayWorld.com 

"Beyer in her Shirley Temple curls, blonde wig and skirt of respectable length, brings splendid contrast...with her naïve and sweet delivery that is totally oblivious to just how funny she’s being...."
- Jessica Goldman, Applause!Meter

"Beyer...steals audiences hearts. Beyer has a rich voice and beautifully expresses her emotions through songs ..."

 - Brandy Hickey, ​The Examiner

Reefer Madness - TUTS Underground


"Beyer gives a spectacular performance by pulling her audience in with her witty banter and several sentimental songs that leave audiences breathless and even a bit misty-eyed..."​
​- The Houstonian

Cabaret - Sam Houston State University

​​Taylor Beyer